Our award winning 18 hole golf course boasts some of the most picturesque surroundings in Northamptonshire. With a range of membership options, corporate and society days packages and on-site pro shop we have something for every golfers needs. 



We offer more than what you would expect from a gym, we give our members a leisure experience. With two workout studios, classes to appeal to all, two all-weather tennis courts and a tranquil pool with spa facilities we really have everything to offer to our members.



We treat every couple differently and really listen to what you want, after all it’s your day, not ours! From your initial enquiry to the big day and even after we will make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can leave things in our capable hands and enjoy the great food, drink and the beautiful surroundings with your guests.  



At Overstone Park we serve every plate with pride. Make the most of the surroundings by enjoying your meal in our restaurant with panoramic views, our Cedars bar and patio or on the terrace. Offering Sunday carvery, Afternoon Tea, traditional meals and refined dining there is something for everyone, even the little ones with our dedicated children’s menu. 



These unique lodges all have 3 bedrooms and make the perfect second home or rental. With a site manager to keep on top of the maintenance, you can relax and make the most of the outstanding leisure and golf facilities which are available to all lodge owners. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and feel like they are on holiday every day?



At Overstone Park we love putting on events and seeing our members come together, whether this is a Sunday night quiz, a Robbie Williams Tribute or a French themed evening, we pull out all the stops. Keep up to date with our latest events by regularly visiting this page.



Whether you are looking for a relaxing spa break, a golf weekend away, a business stay or any other occasion we have 31 en-suite rooms, all including breakfast and use of the leisure and golf facilities and are ready to welcome our guests.


Safety on the Course

Members, Guests and Visitors are hereby advised that comprehensive Risk Assessments are regularly carried out on the Course in terms of the Club’s Health & Safety Policy.  In this respect, it is your responsibility as a golfer, caddie or spectator on the course to ensure that you adhere strictly to the following:

• Practicing is strictly limited to the Designated Practice Areas of the Club, which are (a) the Practice area to the right of the entrance road as you enter the Club premises; and (b) the Practice Green and Net adjacent to the 1st fairway. Practice is expressly prohibited anywhere near the 1st Tee or on the grass area between the Cedars Bar and the 18th Green.  When using the practice area please ensure shots are only being played from the teeing area and only playing your shots while the area is clear of other golfers;

 • You are advised to use all Steps on the course with caution, particularly in wet conditions;

• You are advised to approach all trees on the course with caution, particularly during windy or other adverse weather conditions. While the Club has an ongoing program which addresses the removal of dangerous branches, even tree professionals have differing opinions on which branches are or are not dangerous;

• You are advised to use caution when going down or up any steep incline on the course, particularly when using golf buggies or trolleys. Adherence to the instructions detailed on directional signage for buggies and/or trolleys is also essential in respect of minimising risks in this respect;

• Climbing over boundary walls or fences, into either of the ponds or into the lake is strictly prohibited. You are also advised to avoid climbing into drainage ditches wherever possible and caution is also advised when using the scoops provided to retrieve golf balls from these hazards. Extreme caution is advised when near the edge of the ponds or lake, as these bodies of water are very deep;

• You are advised to avoid oral contact with anything that comes into contact with the golf course (including trees, sand, soil and grass), particularly when caution signs indicate that chemicals have recently been sprayed on the course;

• In the event that you come across any dead wildlife on the course, you are expressly prohibited from any contact with it and requested to advise a members of the Club Staff, who will deal with it accordingly;• You are advised to exercise caution at all times on the course in respect of identifying areas where you may be at potential risk of being hit by another golfer’s ball and to follow the advice of cautionary notices to this effect that are placed in particularly high risk areas on the course. Particular care should be taken on the Par 3 holes, holes where the landing area is not clearly visible from the tee and areas where parallel fairways are played in opposing directions;

• You are advised to exercise caution when playing, to take every precaution to avoid hitting anybody with your golf ball. Particular care should be taken on the holes where the landing area is not clearly visible (especially the 9th and 11th holes, where teeing off should only commence after the bell has been sounded by the players in front and areas where parallel fairways are played in opposing directions;

·     Lakes feature at the 4th, 5th and 17th holes.  The water in the lakes can be deep.  Players must not under any circumstances enter the lake and care must be taken in retrieving balls from the sides.  A life belt has been placed on the 17th next to the bridge.  Golfers must also take care while lining up there putts on the 4th green as it has a steep bank running along the edge of the green;

• Never play a shot unless the players ahead are well out of range. If a miss hit shot is heading in the direction of other golfers, you must shout “FORE!” in a loud voice to alert players of possible danger. If “FORE!” is heard when playing, please take evasive action if possible;

• Golfers must always stand well back behind the player who is playing his shot, both on the tee and on all other areas of the Course. A swinging golf club can be dangerous and can cause damage;

• All golfers must ensure that they are adequately insured in respect of the risks involved with the playing of golf. It is recommended that golfers should be insured against the unlikely event of them being injured or causing injury as a result of an errant shot.

• The greens staffs are regularly working on the Course when golf is in progress.  When working on the golf course all green staff have priority at all times.  Please be careful and courteous to them and ensure that they are aware of and have acknowledged your presence prior to playing in their proximity.

All Members, Guests and Visitors are kindly requested to bring to the attention of the Operations Manager any hazards they feel have not been addressed.


Operations Manager