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Overstone Park hosts 115 second home lodges, situated around Overstone Park Resort, in lakeside, golf course or woodland locations. All of the lodges are within easy reach of the clubhouse and each has a dedicated parking space. Four types of lodges are available:

Lakeside Lodges – 31 in total - 3 bedroom individual lodges arranged in small clusters in a lakeside setting.

Turret Lodges – 12 in total - 3 bedroom lodges (best described as windmills without sails) typically situated in the most commanding areas around the golf course, at the end of a run of other lodges.

The Roundel & Crescent Lodges - 71 in total - 3 bedroom lodges built in arcs clustered around the clubhouse, or adjacent to the 18th 

The Mansion – 1 in total – this prestigious 4 bedroom lodge stands alone with fine views over the golf course.

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